The Art Of The Essay : Introductory Remarks

The purpose of this course was to better understand the ability of the essay to tell different stories and to explain different topics. The three specific essays we had to complete for this class was a memoir or an autobiographical essay, a profile essay on a person, place, or thing and a critical critique or argument essay. Autobiographical Essay: This essay was focused on writing a story about yourself. We picked an event in our lives that was important to us and meant something. This essay made us focus on accurately describing a dramatic or life- altering event that could tell a story about ourselves. Profile Essay: This essay was focused on profiling someone or something(for instance, a place or a product). Either of these are topics are ones that the author should have a personal connection with. Description was a necessary tool in writing this piece to allow the reader to have a comprehensive understanding of the subject. The Cultural critique/Argument Essay: This essay focuses on an object, trend, fad, or other phenomenon as the subject of its analysis. Categories such as technology, violence, gender, and education fall under "Cultural Critique". As Dream Children; A Reverie Summary (An Essay could focus on topics beyond these categories. A topic that is current and is of interest & importance to us and to our audience. Implementing the techniques of narrative and description, as we have practiced in the last two essays.

Otherwise you will only be able to see the top 3. If you pay, however, you get access to the full list till around April of the succeeding year.. The fee is around $15 and can be easily split amongst the others you know who are applying to the US. From this list, you can start visiting the university websites. There are a couple of points you should note while skimming through colleges sites. This is obviously the most important criterion for selecting a university. If it doesn't have the course you're looking for, don't consider it, no matter how prestigious it is, or how highly ranked it is department-wise. Keep focused on what you are going to the US for. You can worry about prestige at a later stage. Go through the courses offered and see if they have classes related to your field of interest. Research being conducted in your interest is a great way to strengthen your argument of selecting that college both in your Statement of Purpose and during your visa interview.

This may not seem obvious at first, but location matters. Are you a party animal? Do you think you will cope well with a university that is situated in a town of its own with very few urban amenities. Do you think you might be distracted from your work if you studied in the middle of a thriving metropolis? Food for thought. Also what kind of weather can you not stand? Limit its geographical location accordingly. Nowadays it is rare for an applicant to receive aid before touching down on American soil. Hence you should be prepared to shell out cash for at least a semester. Hence you should consider both the tuition and living expenses of your prospective university. Narrative Essay Examples: Autobiographical Narrative Essay Example esteemed institutions will have hinger tuition rates. Universities in metropolitans and along the coasts and the border with Canada can have very high living expenses (some universities' living expenses are higher than their tuition fees). Consider the situation from both the point of aid and otherwise.

How long can you cope without aid? When searching for colleges don't limit it to any specific number at this stage, but do remember to divide them into tiers according to the GRE and TOEFL scores which are sufficient to even consider applying to them. In each tier highlight the four universities you would most prefer to attend. This gives you pools of colleges to select from according to your performance on test day. Well, this is what you've been preparing for the past few months (hopefully!). Even if you managed to study in the last two weeks, don't worry too much about it. Go in with some confidence and you'll do surprisingly well if you follow the test taking tips in the Kaplan GRE book. Of course you will always walk away with the feeling 'what if'. So this is no excuse not to study! The details about what to bring, the address and the timing of the test are all clearly given in an email you receive after registering. ID (like a driver's license). Content has been generated by Essay Freelance Writers.

You can optionally bring the printout of your email confirming registration, but they have never asked anyone I know for it. Some have complained of the test center being too cold, so dress in layers so that you can adjust accordingly. You can also bring a list of universities (the tiered ones). You can't take the list in during the exam, but once its over, they will let you bring it in to report your scores. The staff is very friendly and they explain everything very clearly so don't worry about screwing up. Oh, and try not to kick the power cord of the system you are working on. It's not as uncommon as one might think. After you have completed the test and have received your score, select the corresponding tier on your list and send them your scores. You can even chose one or two in the tier above. To be honest, if you are comfortable speaking in English, you are sufficiently prepared for the TOEFL. With the new Internet based testing (IBT) which is coming up, you are required to actually talk with an interviewer which is recorded.

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