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I would like to share my autobiographical essay which I did during my application for MBA at UiTM. At first when I read the application guidelines, one of it I need to write an autobiographical essay about myself. In fact I am not that good in writing an essay but I still tried becuase it is compulsory to do it. Now, after I read it again, I am very proud of myself because when I wrote this essay, I really did it from my heart. Frankly, I did not read again this essay after I submitted my application. But I would like to thank Dr.Norzaidi because he had inspired me to master in my own capability and after I read again this essay, now I noticed, writing about myself and sharing with others will not only make us motivated but it might also can motivates others. My Name is Khalijah Binti Bakar. This article has been created with the help of!

how to write an autobiographical essay outline am 36 years old and married with four kids. Currently I am working as a Personal Assistant to the Group CEO of Qualitas Medical Group Sdn Bhd. My career background, I have an experienced working in admin and secretarial area for 14 years. My last 5 years job I am holding a senior executive level which I worked for the highest management such as Vice President of the company as well as the Group CEO. From there, I got the opportunity to gain knowledge in business operations as a whole. I always involved in the management activities especially Board Directors meeting and the Management meeting. Therefore, I always had a chance to meet with the highest people in the company. I am glad even though I am still study as an out-campus student for my Bachelor Business Admin (major) Human Resource Management, at the same time I also building up my working experienced.

I would say my career and education was building up at the same time. I am lucky and very proud of myself for having a chance in both areas whereby at the same time I am also carry my responsibility as a wife and mother to my four lovely kids. I always remind myself to keep trying until succeed. That is why, I am not stop my study just at BBA level but wanted to pursue in MBA level straight away. As a personality, I am a very good team player. I am very interested in organizing and leading a team in any project basis. In other words I am a dateline person. In addition, I used to be called as an efficient person by either my colleagues, group members as well as my superior. I am very energetic and focus with whatever task that I responsible to it. For example, in most of the assignments or projects that been assigned to me and my team members by my lecturer, I will definitely make sure that we can deliver or achieve the results efficiently.

One of the project that I handled before was a charity works that my class need to organize. So, we organized to do a charity works at an Orphanage House that is “Rumah Amal Limpahan Kasih” (RALK) which located at Puchong, Selangor. I hold a position as a Project Manager with 40 team members. We managed to collect more than Ringgit Malaysia six thousand (RM6,000) in cash plus contribution in goods such as rice, books, curtain, study table, clothes, toiletries goods, etc which total amount was Ringgit Malaysia ten thousand (RM10000) altogether. We arranged to spent one whole day at RALK to do all the cleaning works, reorganized the kids room, cooked for them, games activities with them and many more activities that we would be able to do. We all very satisfied with this project and I would say we achieved our result satisfactorily. I have a planning to own a business that is a family business. This article has been created with the help of Essay Freelance Writers.

I don’t think with my current work I can guarantee my kids’ future will be stable. Therefore, I planned to have a business such as to operate a food business, supermarket, to supply health and beauty products, etc. To me as long as I have the momentum to keep trying, I am sure I can be success like other entrepreneurs in Malaysia regardless of the size of the business. Wherever got way, there is an opportunity for us to move ahead. I always motivate myself to be a hard working person. Always have a focus to keep moving ahead. Although on the way I will find a failure and frustration situation, I will try in every effort to keep on going ahead so that I will not stop or give up to meet many other opportunities in front. Always shows my interest in all the opportunities plus take all challenges as an opportunity for me to success. I will never put a full stop in every challenges whichever cross my way. In fact I make them as my interest. In fact, by having this principal in me, I never feel a burden or face difficulties in many situations. I can overcome each and every hassle efficiently. I believe this needs a high motivator factor in our own self. We cannot just wait and see the opportunity to come across our way every time but in fact we need to find them in all areas in this world. There is no dead road for people that have high self-motivator. Furthermore, we could even create a new cross road for us to success. Last but least, my vision as a personal as well as for my family, I wanted to be a successful entrepreneur one day. Therefore, to hold a Master in Business Administration (MBA) is one of my ambition that could become one of the factor that could boost my motivation to keep going on achieving my goals.

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