Kayla And JET: The Application Packet

In the last entry, I talked about the State of Purpose essay, which is really the most complex part. All the remaining parts of the application are fairly straight forward, in my opinion. However, that doesn't mean that you should take any one part of it lightly. Read the instructions on the JET website very carefully and make sure every bit of paperwork that is required for your particular situation is there and organized in the specific way they tell you to do so. 1) Main application form (1 original, 2 photocopies): This is a PDF that will become available to you closer to time of the application packet deadline. Last year, it was posted on the official U.S. JET page late October, to give you an idea of when it may be posted this year.

This is the part of the application in which you'll answer basic questions like your address, the location you want to interview through, if you want to bring family with you to Japan, if you will have a drivers license, etc. You'll also be asked some more in-depth questions, like the top 3 prefectures you'd like to work in (and also, urban, suburban, or rural), and what teaching and/or intercultural experiences you've had. Make sure you not only double, but triple check this form after you finish filling it out. Make sure every question is answered, because if they see any question blank, they may think you just missed it completely. If it doesn't apply to you, put N/A. 2) Authorization and Release Form (1 original, 2 photocopies): This will appear when you go to print out your main application form PDF. 3) Self-Assessment Medical Form (1 original, 2 photocopies): This is a 1-2 page document that will be posted on the official JET site, as well. Answer the questions truthfully, because if it's discovered you have a condition later on and you didn't tell them, you risk losing your position with JET.

4) Physician's Form: You only have to fill this out if you answered "yes" to questions 3, 4, or 5 on the self-assessment form. I didn't have to do this part, so I'm not sure what all this document includes, but the form will also be on the official site for those who need it. 5) Results of FBI Background Check: You do not have to do this right now, unless you are planning on applying for early departure. If you are applying for normal departure, you will have to do this later if accepted for the job. Normal Departure People: DO NOT start this early, because in most cases, the background check needs to have been done within the past few months to be accepted. I know it sucks to be forced to rush around after the fact, but you just have to wait. 6) Certificate of Health: This is another document that is not required right now, unless you are applying for early departure. 7) Statement of Purpose (3 photocopies), which I already covered.

8) Transcripts of all University/College Courses (1 original, 2 photocopies): In my experience, I went to my school's main office and they told me I had to fill out a form and then mail it in to them. I had to pay $5 per official copy. I just got 1, then made 2 photocopies, as the instructions say, so it only cost me $5. It only took 1 week for me to recieve the transcript in the mail, but I still live in the city I went to school. look at this site have heard of transcripts taking up to 3 weeks, so this is definitely something you want to think about taking care of a little early, especially if you need to request them for multiple schools . Also, when you make photocopies, make sure you turn up the brightness on the copier accordingly, so that it can be easily read. 9) Proof of Study Abroad: This wasn't applicable to me, so I don't know anything about it. Read everything the site says and if you have any questions, the JET Official Forums is a cool place to go to get the answers you need.

10) Proof of Graduation/Expected Graduation Date: In my case, my degree name and the date I graduated was included on the first page of my official transcript, so I did not have to submit a seperate document to satisfy this requirement. Read what the JET site says carefully, and you shouldn't have any problems. 12) Proof of U.S. Citizenship (3 photocopies): I sent 3 photocopies of my birth certificate, because I didn't have my passport yet at the time. Definitely make sure you read the instructions for this one, as they are kind of complicated. Make sure you read over these instructions with the two people you decide to have write the letters for you. They need to include the originals, as well as make 2 copies of both the form AND their signed letter of reference, then put that in one envelope and make sure the envelope itself is also signed on the outside, perferably on the back, near the seal. This has been created with the help of Essay Writers!

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