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A job application cover page is a company's first exposure to you and as first impressions are crucial, it will ultimately determine whether your application will be considered or not. The purpose of the cover page in the days of the paper resume was to introduce the resume package. Today most resumes are sent electronically and so the role of the job application cover page has changed somewhat and consequently one page is more than sufficient for you to hold the reader's interest and get their attention. Remember you want to be invited to an interview so your wording is crucial. A company website is a good place to start, providing important information about culture and management style. Match the tone of your cover page to the company's culture. The tone used can indicate a great deal about the candidate and their work ethic. The quality and tone of your page will also demonstrate to a future employer how you will communicate with team members and clients. Personalize your job application cover page or email, in other words tailor the letter to suit the particular company it's being addressed to.

This can include offering an explanation as to how you found the company, why you want to work for the company and something about what the company does. This will indicate interest and time spent investigating the prospective company. This also shows initiative. Address the letter to a particular person - companies would like to know that you have taken the initiative to personalize your email by finding out a name and address to whom the letter will be presented. In the case that a name cannot be located then the standard Sir/Madam could possibly be replaced with something more creative. A generic job application cover page will usually be allocated to the filing basket. Be very clear about what you are applying for. Be specific if you are responding to an ad in the case of larger companies as more than one job may be advertised. Think about what would be relevant to that employer and position and note these facts in your cover page. This is a good example of you offering solutions. Don't just summarize what is already in the resume - tell them why they should want you. This data was created by!

Try to provide some important information that is not obvious from your resume. Make sure your page has no spelling or grammar mistakes. Some employers will judge you by the presentation and your writing ability. Applications are often discarded at the first or second mistake on the cover page. A sloppy page will indicate to the employer a lack of attention to detail. You want to get their attention for the right reasons. Even though you are emailing, use a standard business format letter and business font and keep it business-like. A cover page that hasn't just been copied from a template will also score well with prospective employers. If a traditional-mailed application is to be forwarded then the paper used for the introduction should also match that of the resume. Always ensure your contact information is up to date and use a spell check to ensure a quality presentation. A well crafted job application cover page will impress a prospective employer. In 's your greatest selling point to finally getting the position you have always imagined yourself doing.

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