Is The Purpose Of An Argumentative Essay To Be Right?

If you basically been writing research style essays all of your academic career, then writing your first argument essay can be quite a shock. That said, you may be wondering whether or not as in a real argument, the purpose of this type of essay is to convince the reader that you are absolutely right in your assessments and conclusions. After all, when you're in a regular argument that you try to win? For one thing, as you do research, you can only use that research that supports your particular assertion or theory that you are trying to express in your argument essay. Something else to consider is that unlike a fact-based essay, you can interpret what you find and in fact are encouraged to do so as this will make for better to date. And that really is the focus of any argumentative essay: what you're doing is coming at a particular topic from an angle that perhaps no one has thought of before and you are opening the door to a healthy debate. This does not mean however that you arguing both sides in your essay. Once you've picked a position, you need to stick to it and not get sidetracked. This is very easy to do especially when you are looking at the opposite point of view for inclusion and to help bolster your own argument. Post has been created with the help of!

In his list, Luther went into explicit detail about what he thought was wrong about the Church. Luther essentially felt that the Church was inappropriately exploiting its powerful position in people’s lives for less than altruistic reasons. Luther, as one of the most prominent reformers in history, stood behind what he believed in even though he knew that speaking out against the Catholic church would lead to his excommunication and deemed a heretic. Martin Luther’s heroic efforts ultimately resulted in the creation of a branch of churches where there used to only be one type of church. In conclusion, Atticus from To Kill a Mockingbird and Martin Luther from the Reformation both demonstrate people that are heroic because they stood up for what they believed in. When others were unable or unwilling to take the risk to be a catalyst for change, Atticus and Martin Luther were selfless and rose to the challenge. check here , people who stand up for what they believe in regardless of the potential deleterious impact on their own lives are heroes. This content has been generated with the help of!

Arthur Andersen LLP made its own investigation and based on its results focused the responsibility for the fraud on Walter Forbes and the other CUC employees that were dismissed. Eventually, the overall market faced a fall in the third quarter of 1998. The Dow Jones Industrial Average decreased from its 1998 high of 9338 on July 17th to its low for the year of 7539 on August 31st (a fall of 19 percent in less than two months). In September 1998, stock price of Cendant Corporation had absorbed the compound effect of these factors and was trading in the range of $10 to $14 per share. Like many publicly traded companies, Cendant Corporation had a committee responsible for compensation, which was composed of four directors of the corporation, to supervise compensation policies of the company. The compensation packages of executives and major employees included three main components: salary, bonus and stock options. This content has been created with Essay Writers!

Main emphasis was given to compensation based on equity or stock options. The compensation committee considered that it was essential to make interests of management equal to those of shareholders. Stock options were issued with an exercise price that was equal to the stock price of the corporation on the issuance date. They were created to provide a significant payoff to employees when stock price of Cendant Company rose above this exercise price. In addition to stock options, employees were greatly encouraged (but not obliged) to keep stock ownership in the company. Unfortunately, the stock price decrease that Cendant experienced in 1998 was so dramatic that the exercise price of many employee stock options was even higher than stock price of Cendant Company (for instance, options were «underwater»). Moreover, even the options that were still in-the-money (for instance, had exercise prices below stock price of Cendant Corp.) had lost a drastic value amount. Morale and spirit of the Corporation was extremely low.

Employees understood that the stock options they hoped would provide a significant payoff now cost almost nothing comparing to their expectations. Therefore in September of the same year, the compensation committee called a meeting in order to discuss possible changes that could be made to the compensation plans of the Corporation aiming to re-energize and re-motivate outstanding employees of the company. Many of the options were issued by the companies HFS or CUC and subsequently exchanged for Cendant options after the merger was completed. When the merger was completed in December of 1997, a substantial option grant was made to align the future interests of the involved employees. Additionally, Cendant did not need a vesting period for option grants. After examination of the data on the outstanding options, the magnitude of the money loss to the employees became obvious. In general terms, top executives of CUC, which were led by former Chairman and CEO Walter Forbes, promoted a laissez-faire environment at the corporation that encouraged underlings to prepare reports with impunity.

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