Guidelines To Write A Management Essay And A Business Essay

A candidates individual point of view also needs to be narrated through the management essay. A successful essay can be written only if one reads all the details of the instruction packets and is essential to write a quality management essay. Instructions given are to be kept in mind while writing this. Decide what you will discuss in your paper. Your subject should be supported with the idea that are built up. Take benefit of other sources linked to this specific topic. An introduction is a major part of any management essay which actually grabs the attention of the reader. A thorough insight into the subject shows your capabilities and to meet this one needs to provide an initiating paraphrase, some information, quotes and anecdotes. Business essay is an extremely challenging paper that discusses the position of communal and financial point of view. The impact of a subject and the paper is extremely vital to enhance the paper and different elements will impact a lot for paper. You should also try to bring out the various instances that impact a topic which will also ensure a better understanding of the subject and its various topics.

The subjects will be from a different series of subjects such as business fundamentals, economics, advertising, human resource, supply chain, operations, customer relationship and a lot of others. The different compliances provided for design must be in line to the subject or the topic. The scale of penetration of a subject should be extremely understood and recognize the different examples the paper is subjected to contract. The success of the paper will be decided upon by the efforts that go into the making of it. The better viewpoint is to make sure a better deal of role towards the financial standpoint. The introduction and preliminary aspects of a subject should be understood in order that all the different drill downs are managed consistently and make sure better penetration of a subject. The meaning of such features will light up the different coherences that will need to be stated. Investigation and expansion is a vital part and understanding the topic will ensure the proper assimilation and deeper teamwork. Subject should be thoroughly examined from different perspectives, for this to happen consider other authors who have wrote on the same subject. Every thought behind a subject should be able to analyse the subject and bring out the facts about that particular subject in an even manner. The literature review will assist to understand the various other viewpoints of the subject which make sure better explanation of the topic and get to insight of a subject and the topic. The topic is assessed from different angles that improve its propagations and insights. The topic coherences are recognized to guarantee better level of contact with the different elements of paper. The subject and topic in question should be discussed and analysed through various stages in the essay.

Cendant Corporation was formed on May 27, 1997 with the merger agreement between the Boards of Directors for HFS, Inc. and CUC International Inc. Cendant Corporation was created as a conglomerate that specialized in shopping-club memberships, Internet marketing and traveling. Its divisions contain the Howard Johnson, Days Inn, and Ramada hotel chains; the Coldwell Banker and Century 21 real-estate franchises; Sierra On-Line software and Avis rental cars. It was the merger of equals- 50/50. Henry Silverman, who was Chief Executive Officer of HFS Inc., was chosen as CEO and President of newly formed corporation, and Walter Forbes, who was CEO of CUC International Inc., was chosen as the company’s Chairman of the Board. The merger was finished in December, and stock of Cendant Corp. December 17, 1997, closing that day at the level of $32.62. Immediately after the merger, the company experienced success and on April 6, 1998 its price per share increased to the level of $41.69. The corporation was in the process of many acquisitions, including the negotiated acquisition of American Bankers Insurance Group.

But company’s success was not long and company was not progressing and increasing its share price as the market analysts’ prognosis. On April 9, 1998 the corporation announced that three former CUC executives were leaving the corporation, including Cosmo Corigliano, CFO of CUC, and Amy Lipton, general counsel of CUC. This is what the Wall Street Journal reported on this regard: “Rumors of changes at the top of the company had sent the stock plunging earlier in the day. In a week, on April 15, 1998 Cendant Corp. Management of the company had found out some accounting irregularities in its main membership-club operations that will demand it to decrease reported 1997 operating income by more then $100 million and that it will badly influence profit of this year (1998). The key issue at the moment was in the method utilized by the CUC unit in recognizing revenue in its club-membership sales. It was found out that too much of the revenue was booked up for future, while recording expenses that were associated with the memberships was deferred until future periods. Post has been created with Essay Writers.

The next day, Cendant Company’s stock price lowered from close on Wednesday of $36.00 to $19.06 as an astonishing 108 million shares traded hands. Before that, for Cendant Company the average trading volume had been about 4 million shares per day. On July 14, 1998 the corporation released another shocking message to the market: in order to meet earnings expectations of Wall Street, CUC had recorded nonexistent revenue of $300 million for the period of three years. During evaluation of the situation, Mr. Silverman said that, «We merged with a company and 50% to 60% of the earnings were without substance. A layman would call it fraud.» Ernst & Young LLP was auditor of CUC Corporation and had issued unqualified audit opinions for that three year period. Accounting’s principles are subject to interpretation.» After announcement of the great losses involved, stock price of Cendant Corp. 15.69, and reached a 52-week low.

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