English Literature Essays: Autobiographical Elements In Charles Lamb’s Essays

Charles Lamb's attitude in his essays is autobiographical-for his essays convey such elements from where we get to know his personality, nature, character, relatives, work places and people around him. Thus The Benefits Of Autobiography (Religious Or Otherwise) in his essays is vital. As he belongs to the romantic age, the personal “I” is prominent is his essays. In almost Essay Easy: What Is Autobiography Essay , we find and we learn something about his life. Thus he speaks about his life, likings, whims and feelings. Lamb talks to the reader as if he were his friend and confesses and confider in him. Lamb's own personality is the basis for most of his essays. His own memories are reflected in them. Actually autobiography is that kind of writing in which the writer's states, life and conditions are delineated. His personal experiences are revealed in autobiography. Moreover, the facts of personal life of the writer and the activities, relatives, friends, likings, dislikings, character etc. are written by the writer himself. For help with essay, please contact https://essayfreelancewriters.com!

In Charles Lamb's essays, we find the autobiographical touch. From his essays, we, the readers, come to know about Charles Lamb's life and we learn certain facts of his life- he was born at the Inner Temple and he was schooled at Christ's Hospital and he worked at South Sea House and India House as a clerk. We know that he was a bachelor; we also know that he apparently loved but was refused by his early beloved. We get to know a great deal about his school life in the essay "Christ's Hospital Five and Thirty Years Ago". We know that he had some privileges in his school. He says about himself in the guise of Coleridge, "I remember L. at school, and can well recollect that he had some peculiar advantages, which I and others of his school fellows had not". Again he says "His friends lived in town, and were near at hand; and he had the privilege of going to see them, almost as often as he wished".

Moreover, he got his "extraordinary bread and butter" "from the hot-loaf of the Temple". The reason for why his essays appeal autobiographical is his subjective note which is predominant in all his essays. The subject of the Essays of Elia is Lamb himself. In all of them, he makes some reference to himself. And the personal "I" is so abound in his essays that readers ere sometimes fretted, although some critics consider that use as an extra charm of Lamb's essays. In almost all the essays, he talks about himself, his family, relatives, and friends. From these essays, we come to know about his personality, nature and character which are revealed by himself. After reading his essays, we know all about his stammer, his work al India House and his companions there. It is this quality of self-revelation and confidential tone that entitles Lamb to be called the "Prince of English essayists". We also come to know about his relatives and friends. This article has been done with Essay Writers!

Sometimes I tend to still ramble on in my essays. If it’s a topic I enjoy I go on and on and end up talking about something completely different. I add extra information that isn’t needed in my papers. It has gotten a lot better through the course of this class. I know that makes a strong paper. It needs to be effective, argumentative, detailed, and elaborated. It also has interesting language and not repetitive. My essays are a lot more clear and understandable. English Literature Essays: Autobiographical Elements In Charles Lamb’s Essays have my own writing voice and I know what kind of tones to have writing different types of paper. The writing process is now a lot easier for me. I can brainstorm and get ideas but I know how to break them down and figure out exactly what to write about. I make an outline to figure it out and organize it. Drafting is a huge part because after that you should get someone to peer review. I improved my essays a lot from this.

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