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First, the beautiful woman is similar to Miss Brill. In the story, only a couple of sentences are used to describe the beautiful woman but she isn't a trivial character. Through her behavior, we can imagine what had happened before. It is clear that she seems to be nervous and angry. We can notice this by her action; she throw the flowers away as if they'd been poisoned. Maybe she had been proposed by a man with the bunch of flowers, but she must have rejected the man because probably she doesn't want to accept the man. This situation is contrast to how Miss Brill is isolated from the society. The beautiful woman don't accept the man while Miss Brill is not accepted by the society. However, by contrasting two of this women, their loneliness are emphasized. Therefore it is possible to think that the beautiful woman is one of the minor characters that reveal Miss Brill's isolation. The appearance and the behavior of the ermine toque can be compared to Miss Brill‘s. The old and shabby ermine toque is similar to Miss Brill’s old fur and both objects are the reflections of each woman.

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This fact reveals that both of two women are old-fashioned ladies. In addition, the ermine toque is completely ignored by the gentleman in grey. This means she isn't attractive woman and also Miss Brill is the same with her. Miss Brill feels the same as the ermine toque and we can notice this by the word "The Brute! The Brute!"(paragraph 8) which abuses the gentleman in grey. Therefore the ermine toque is identified with Miss Brill in the story and these details reveal that the character of the ermine toque is used to reflect Miss Brill‘s isolation. Like the ermine toque, the old invalid gentleman is one of the most important minor characters in "Miss Brill". Although there are few words mentioned about this man, he is the another minor character revealing Miss Brill's isolation. It is ironic that the importance of the old invalid gentleman lies in their lack of communication. This article has been created with the help of https://essayfreelancewriters.com!

Of course Miss Brill reads newspaper to him but it is not an interactive communication between the two characters. All of these mean she is isolated from the society, like being isolated from the old invalid gentleman. The young couple sitting on the "special bench" are two more essential minor characters. They bring on the climax of the story, because it is the young couple that make Miss Brill awaken herself to her real position in society. They are different from the ermine toque and the old invalid gentleman; they show Miss Brill‘s isolation directly by speaking ill of her. After listening to their giggly and reviling conversation, she is shocked, and skips her Sunday treat and dashes by the baker's. Therefore, in this part, the young couple plays an important role in revealing the fact that isolation is the major character trait of Miss Brill is represented evidently. Other minor characters also show Miss Brill‘s isolation but particularly the four mentioned minor characters(the beautiful woman with a bunch of flowers, the ermine toque, the old invalid gentleman and the young couple) present her major character trait of isolation. It is not obvious whether it is better or worse that Miss Brill realize her real condition. However, it is obvious that her isolation from the society is revealed clearly by these several minor characters. Therefore it is important to check the behavior and the conversation of the four former minor characters carefully. All free online research papers, research paper samples and example research papers on Miss Brill topics are plagiarized and cannot be fully used in your high school, college or university education. Starting at $12/page you can order custom written papers online. We work with experienced PhD. Master's freelance writers to help you with writing any academic papers in any subject! High quality and 100% non-plagiarized papers guaranteed!

This difference of nomadic economy stimulated them to constantly move throughout huge territories in search of the better pastures. Their economy was predominantly extensive and resulted in the exploitation of the natural resources which could not provide nomadic people with the sufficient amount of fertile pastures where their cattle could stay for a long time. They have to move from one place to another as the pastures became exhausted. On the one hand, this stimulated nomadic people to high mobility that became one of the major advantages of their armies in wars with sedentary Chinese. For instance, one of the major reasons for the failure of Han Dynasty’s efforts to defeat Xiongnu was the poor logistics and inability of Chinese army to catch up mobile and fast Xiongnu. The latter, instead, successfully used their mobility to attack Chinese army unexpectedly and in situations when they had consistent advantages and could defeat the opponent.

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Chinese army could not gain success in this military operation because there was “the problem of supplying food across long distances” and “the weather in the northern Xiongnu lands were difficult for Han soldiers” (Ma, 175). As a result, Chinese could not afford a long lasting military campaign while for Xiongnu it was a normal condition and they get used to the life in such climatic conditions while they did not need the food supply such as Chinese needed because they had all the food at hand. On the other hand, they could not possess a large army because of the scarce resources that could not provide a large number of people with a sufficient amount of food. There was position paper example that could not be exceeded, otherwise, nomadic people would start starving and slowly die out because of the lack of food. Consequently, nomadic people were highly dependent on the potential of pastures and they needed constantly to move from one pasture to another as the local sources became more and more scarce.

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