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In addition, I don't think regular doctors should be the ones using euthanasia on people. There should be specially trained individuals working at some sort of euthanasia clinic. They would be highly trained doctors who would take a new oath to help end the suffering of people in need. These doctors and psychologists would be required by law to make sure a person knew about any alternatives to relieve the pain of their sickness and the chances of recovery. These doctors and psychologists would also be required by law to make the person understand the consequences of their actions. Good Essays For College: Heres What I Know About Essay Topics For The Outsiders don't say this because I am uncertain on my position of euthanasia. I just feel people need to be aware of what euthanasia is and what obvious effects it will have on them and their families. Another benefit of euthanasia clinics would be the relief of pressure on doctors who don't want to perform euthanasia. Some doctors wouldn't want to actively or passively kill anyone, and that's understandable. Also Essay Outline Explained: 7 Things You Should Do Before Writing An Essay 'm assuming would complain about being treated by someone who takes life instead of preserving it.

More laws would be made on the different distinctions of euthanasia, voluntary, involuntary, nonvouluntary and passive or active euthanasia; assisted suicide would also need laws to regulate it. Through my research I found three types of consent for euthanasia. Voluntary is when a person wants to be euthanized; involuntary is when a person doesn't want to be euthanized, and nonvoluntary is when the person is unable to consent to euthanasia, so others such as family consent for him or her. When a person volunteers to be euthanized and fits in the correct protocol, i.e. has a terminal illness or is incurably depressed in some cases which I talk about later, then that person should be granted the right to end his or her life because it belongs to that person. With regards to involuntary euthanasia, a person should never be euthanized against their will no matter what the circumstances. An example of involuntary euthanasia can be found in the case of Christine Malevre (Skynews), a French nurse, who helped six terminally ill patients die. The problem is that it isn't clear whether the people wanted to be euthanized or not.

The victim's families even said the victims had never spoken about wanting to be euthanized before. However I do agree with nonvoluntary euthanasia in some cases like in the article "The complex Issue of Euthanasia" by Washburn (Washburn 258). He gives an example of "Baby Boy Houle", a boy who was very deformed and not expected to live. In this case, the parents of the baby involuntarily decided to end its life. This in my eyes was the right thing to do, and they should have the choice to do it. But the doctors in this case decided to take the case to court and get an order to try and save the baby. They won the court decision and worked hard to save the baby's life, but in the end no miracle was performed and as predicted the baby died, after what must have been 15 very painful days of life. I agree with the parents decision to end the baby's life because there was proof this baby would not live long and for the time it did live in would be in great pain.

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While Writing A Resume - Examples do agree with nonvoluntary euthanasia in cases like "Baby Boy Houle", I don't agree with nonvouluntary euthanasia in cases where people don't specify that they want to be killed i.e. no living will. And aren't in a position to make the determination. The reason I agree with the parents decision in "Baby Boy Houles" case and not a family member giving permission to say a 35 year old man who is brain dead from a car accident, is mainly the fact that it was proven after this child was born he wouldn't live long even if they did fix some of his problems. The way it was explained seemed he was already dead; it was just a matter of time. Whereas the 35 year old man had time to have his wishes expressed, and maybe he wanted to hope he would recover; Baby boy never had the ability to make that choice, and therefore it was correct for his parents to do so for him.

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