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In this paper I will investigate fraud issue, explain the definition of the notion, define its types, description and characteristics of fraud, and explain fraud risk factors or, in other words, what are the warning signs that the person or an organization are facing the fraud actions, as well as present how people commit frauds. In the main part of the paper I will research the case of Cendant Corporation fraud, including the events and the Chairman of the Corporation was sentenced for fraud. In the conclusion I will summarize key points of the paper and make important conclusions regarding the paper’s main theme. Fraud is generally defined as the deception that is made by person or group of people for their personal benefit or to damage another person. There is no common definition of this notion, as each definition is dependant on legal jurisdiction. Fraud is said to be the crime, and also the violation of the civil law. The most common type of fraud is defrauding people of money.

In the criminal law, the fraud is defined as the offense or crime of designedly deceiving another to damage them, often to get services or property not in the just way. Forged objects are generally used for the accomplishment of the fraud. We Can Write Custom Research Papers on Cendant Corporation for You! Nowadays Structure Your Paper Using An Introduction are living in the changing global environment, and present society is facing the increased level of frauds for a series of reasons. First of all it is the growing organizations’ complexity and growing speed level of modern types of commerce and computerization. Then, it is the history of inattention, understaffing of internal audit functions, aggressive accounting practices, and acceptance of the small frauds and considering them necessary to be successful in business, increasingly transient employees, and also ineffective and outdated internal controls. There are about 9 common types of fraud, which include: asset misappropriation, false accounting, computer fraud, intellectual property fraud and insurance fraud, infringements or thefts by third parties, corruption, investment scheme fraud, and money laundering.

Asset misappropriation is referred to the case when business assets of the company are stolen by third parties or even its employees, or both acting in collusion. For instance inside the organization common frauds include: making false claims regarding the expenses, payroll frauds, and direct cash theft, or stole of stock, realizable assets and intellectual property. When employees are acting in collusion with third parties, those cases include: related party transactions, when company’s employee has the financial interest in the bargain, getting commission from the supplier, thunder from third parties to process inappropriate transaction or disclose internal information. Effective Papers: Essay On Ancient Israel is generally connection with representation of financial information of the organization in the better light then it is in reality. It can be performed by understating liabilities and overstating assets to reveal that the company is financially strong. Computer fraud is just the name of the fraud, and computer in this word combination is just the tool of committing such a fraud.

Computer frauds involve stole or diverting money from one banking account to the other through unauthorized access to the bank computer system by means of hacking. Then, one can also have business in Internet, an Internet shop, for example, and receive payments for goods or services that are not delivered or have defects and cannot be returned. Manipulating company’s stock price by publishing invalid news on the bulletin board, attacking web-sites in order to obtain internal information and records, and stealing intellectual property by means of unauthorized access to computer are also relate to computer frauds. Intellectual property frauds involve all illegal actions with subjects of intellectual property. Effective Papers: Cendant Corporation Research Paper contains such items as customer lists, design rights, patents, and is equal business assets of the organization as machinery, for example. And it can be stolen by company’s staff and by third parties, though such incidents are not always apparent at once, which is a real threat to the company’s future business activity. Corruption and bribery are said to be off-book frauds which appear in the form of bid rigging, gifts and commissions. This data has been written by https://essayfreelancewriters.com!

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