ENGL102-27: January 2020

The "Why Terror" text serves as exercise for us to create our Essay Unit 1 about a song. On Monday, you will receive your final summary s back which I got from you today. Then, I will model how to write an A,B,C,D, and F paper "response." Therefore, those of you who have not emailed me the response part yet (just the summary), email it before Sunday, so I can give advisory grades before class on Monday. Today, we are creating the outline for the "response part" of our song essay. You have finished the "summary part" already, which was due today in class. · Does the composer tell mere facts? · Does he/she try to manipulate/convince the audience, lead them in a certain direction? Make them believe something? The discussion of these elements must be backed up with citing lines or keywords (in quotation marks, mentioning the stanza or line of the song) from the lyrics which describe the claims the composer is making. Also, you need to use at least one scholarly research article (no Wikipedia!) to prove that you have investigated in the social/political/economical background of your song.

For example: when your song deals with runaway kids (such as in “Runaway Train” from Soul Asylum), you should cite some statistics about children living on the street, or from Amber Alert, or recent cases from the media as examples, to show the importance of this social issue today. Why did they run away, what became of them? Don’t just generalize, do some in-depth research to explain why the composer wrote a song about this topic, why he/she wrote it at that time, and not twenty years ago, and what he/she wants to achieve with it. Task for today: copy and paste these guidelines into a word document, and type your text under each of the points. This is our brainstorming and pre-writing activity. We collect data before starting our response. When you're done filling in the blanks, try out the three search engines and look for background material that you can use to support your thesis why your song is important today. Copy the links to any research article you find into your word document, and email all this to me at the end of today's lesson. No late documents accepted. If you don't get done, just email what you have. MAKE SURE YOU TAKE AN ARTICLE FROM A TIME THAT MATCHES YOUR SONG! So, if your song is from 2006, don't pick a research article that talks about the background of the 1920's, and if your song is a hippie song from 1969, don't use an article that talks about drug abuse in 2007!

I wish we could have a group to discuss the brain, as many hubbers seem interested in that subject. My interest started when a relative had an astounding memory, and I loved to hear about it. Now, I love to read about the workings of the brain. I am glad you have that memory book by Marylu Henner. She is so brilliant and stays young looking forever. https://essayfreelancewriters.com/blog/write-an-autobiographical-essay/ for sharing all the ideas. Hi Mana - Thanks for reading and commenting on my hub. It interests me that you believe these memories come from a past life. The brain is remarkable, and all sorts of theories probably come about this engine of our body. No one knows all the answers. Our lives just go on, and we need to have beliefs. Thanks for your opinions. First I am excited and sad by your hub both at the same time. Your hub was beautiful in many ways. I have always been intrigued by memory and those who have a great ability to access what they see and experience. Content has been generated with the help of https://essayfreelancewriters.com!

An amazing gift that not every person has. I have struggled with memory my whole life. During my childhood and adult life I was always more interested what could be instead of what is. Busy day dreaming I wouldn't remember much. I did develop my imagination to dream and dream I did. The sad part of your hub was finally reading the last comment. I love reading about people and what they know and don't know. So I was day dreaming and thinking of each person that left a comment. How they were moved like me to leave a comment. The truth is I can go on and on. Most people think I am rambling when each thought in my mind seems crystal clear. I would love to continue talking and discussing future ideas about more extraordinary hubs that lead to tapping into the unlimited brain power deep down I know we all have. Thank you forever writing this hub and it is not uncommon for me to be three years behind everyone else.

As I write this I have the book by Marilu Henner Total Memory Makeover sitting on the corner of my kitchen table. Have an amazing night and I can't wait to to dive right in many more of your hubs. Interesting Hub, Patricia. You seem to approach it from the standpoint of science and research. No bad thing, and I see that you have studied in this field. We esoteric ones say that nearly all of this is carried over from a former life. Re-incarnation. Vivekananda was a great Yogi. He remembered so much! Still, nothing comes from an empty void. It is highly likely, that all your bright people, carried over their experiences from long, long ago. A great Hub and noble effort. Silence and experience begins where science ends. In Love and Light. Hi tsmog I am sorry about your auto accident, and your problems with memory. The photos were to recall in pictures the events you missed in memory, Is that correct?

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