Cultural Studies As Praxis: (making) An Autobiographical Case: Cultural Studies: Vol 17, No 6

This autobiographical essay ‘takes cultural studies personally’, drawing on experience, identity and the personal to indicate how and why the author is proponent of and is working on developing a model of cultural studies as social justice praxis despite the constraints academia in general and of the university as an institution in particular. The paper travels roughly from the author’s student and teacher days in Sierra Leone through his graduate student days in Canada to his current role as university teacher in the USA. He selectively concentrates on his experience as a teacher of literature (and African multi-role utilitarianism), education and cultural studies (using one of his cultural studies courses and students’ questions about the utility of cultural studies as example), his shifting and overlapping racial/ethnic identities (African/black) and the politics of identity, and his thoughts on the place of theory in cultural studies and a black approach to theory (black ambivalent elaboration) as contributory factors. While this account acts in its own way as an argument for conceptualizing cultural studies as praxis, the primary focus is more modestly on my own autobiographical account as a specific case. In fact, an autobiographical approach is employed precisely to be specific and in the attempt to avoid the pitfalls of over­generalization and the authority of authenticity. Post has been created with the help of

For blog we would have to do a terminology and reflective one. For the terminology one I would put any terms from class and the chapter in the book we went over in class and any other extra notes. For the reflective blog I wrote where I stood on the topic and where I wanted to be. This helped me keep track of everything we were doing and if I had a question all I really needed to do was look at my blogger. Finding what techniques make you understand things you learn is a big relief. Guideline For Writing Introduction For Great Expectations Essay - Writing don’t have to freak out when there’s something that doesn’t sit well in your head. I got lucky and figured it out quick before the end of the semester. There are still a few things I do need to work on. Sometimes I tend to still ramble on in my essays. If it’s a topic I enjoy I go on and on and end up talking about something completely different. This content has been created with the help of Essay Writers!

I add extra information that isn’t needed in my papers. It has gotten a lot better through the course of this class. The Hybrid Subject In J.M. Coetzee's Boyhood know that makes a strong paper. It needs to be effective, argumentative, detailed, and elaborated. It also has interesting language and not repetitive. My essays are a lot more clear and understandable. I have my own writing voice and I know what kind of tones to have writing different types of paper. The writing process is now a lot easier for me. I can brainstorm and get ideas but I know how to break them down and figure out exactly what to write about. I make an outline to figure it out and organize it. Drafting is a huge part because after that you should get someone to peer review. I improved my essays a lot from this. Revision and feedback is HUGE. Lastly editing and polishing are last and that is the easy stuff. Overall, my english 112 experience was good and very helpful. During college I will be writing many papers and now I finally know all the right elements to making a strong essay. They take a lot of time and effort. One draft is not enough. After all of my accomplishments in this class I look for peoples opinions on my work a lot more and appreciate what other people have to say about them.

I believe if I make people happy in any way (one of the way is by giving sedekah or hadiah & belanja makan), people will make doa for you. Its not necessarily doa like tadah tangan and all that, even when they say something like "semoga murah rezeki kau" it will become a doa too you know. Okay so with all the knowledge I gained later on, I will make use of it. After Pointless Essay: Responce To The Lottery Essay , observations and research made, I found that business field is sooooo high demand by the market. Please name me the company that doesn't need a management/business person. I bet you cannot. Even hospital and engineering company also do need management person to run their business. You know, for their marketing, business operation and so on. All companies need this people! Even according to the top ten jobs in Malaysia, 6 or 7 of them need employees with business qualification to fit in the job position. This opens my eyes as well as my heart to take an action, that I must do something.

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