August 2020 - Sharing Session

Jumping from science to business field, ramai tanya kenapa kenapa kenapa. Kenapa tak sambung master in Biology jugak. Biotechnology ke medical biology ke or any related field. Everyone's favourite question haha! Post ni sepatutnya up sejak 2-3 bulan lepas. Tapi baru sekarang nak up. Oh by the way dulu I did my degree in science Biology. So bila master ni ambik MBA, which is business admin, ramai jugak la yang tertanya tanya. Tapi ramai jugak yang sokong. Before tu memang dah plan nak sambung master bukan sebab terpaksa or apa taw. how to write an autobiographical essay for graduate school minat nak rasa ada master certificate and pakai jubah dua lines haha. Actually choosing to enroll in MBA was a hard decision. Sebab both pun I minat. Biology pun I minat, Business pun I minat. Haha so after discussing with Ayah, decision made, I choose MBA! So I went through by submitting the application along with the autobiogrpahical essay, an interview, and a test (the details including my autobiographical essay is at my previous post).

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As for me, susah nak belajar tu is not that hard. Its not I said it was easy. It is hard actually! But it is not really or real hard for me. I just need to put some extra efforts since Im not a business background student. Because during my degree time pun, every semester I took at least two business or management subjects. So some of the terms I have been heard and it is not a totally new for me . I took subjects such as marketing, management, operation management, entreprenuership, risk and insurance, finance, human resource, strategic management and so on during my degree. All these subjects is just a fundamental and basics one for us as a science students. Since Im interested with business too, so I don't have any problems with all these subjects. Cause some of my friends are not really agree for science students to take the business or management subjects. I do loveeee all these subjects! Besides it is easy to understand and less harder compared to science subjects, I also can gain additional knowledge about bisness.

I also did joined few business or entreprenuership programmes during degree time including a seminar or bengkel on how to create a website, how to increase our bussiness performance through social media, how to generate a technology based idea, how to do pitching etc etc. Most of the programmes were conducted 3 days and 2 nights in hotel. All the programmes was sponsored by MASMED UiTM, special for UiTM students. Yes students can join all these for FREE! Sangat lah rugi taw for UiTM students yang tak grab peluang ni. Sebab kalau kita join any of the programmes yang bukan under our Uni, kena bayar taw. And mahal bukan murah. Yang MASMED ni bayar pun mahal sebab dia panggil orang luar untuk conduct the sharing session. In fact until now MASMED is still active doing such activities. And I also did selling a hijab (shawl and bawal) online. It just for fun for me to have an experience in business and dealing with customers. So again, why MBA? First because I am interested with this course. This post was written with the help of Essay Writers.

Second, Im looking forward for my better future. I should now concern with my future with this current economic condition. I personally think if I have master in business admin, it will give better carrier opportunities for me to be in the industry soon, InshaAllah. And for your information, I wanted to be a lecturer. A business lecturer to be specific. It has been my dream since I was 18! That's another reason why Im taking this course. Let say if one day its not my Rezeki for teaching, I would love to work in an office too, that the position suit with my qualification. And also I would love to have my own business empire and be a successful businesswoman, so that I can be rich, rich enough to help people and belanja orang this and that so that they will be happy and rich enough to give everything my family wants without saying "NO" and "Im sorry I cannot buy for you this and that".

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