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Freud and Plato have the similar idea that love is the search of something that cannot be left behind. But their understanding regarding is being seek and cannot be left are completely different. Freud’s conception of love is very much connected with the choice that is made by each person when choosing the partner for life. He claims that love-preferences are formulated in the early childhood and are influencing each person’s mate choice. His conception of love is tied to sexual attraction, and he insists that from the early childhood people are influenced by the behavior of their parents towards them. Freud argues that men and women are looking for partners that look like one of their parent (boys are looking for girl-friends who are like their mothers, girls- like fathers), have similar characters, etc. According to Freud, age also plays a great role in choosing the time when to get married.

Boys with young mothers tend to choose women that are much younger, for example. But there is still the light at the end of the tunnel, as with each new relationship, that connection becomes weaker, as emotional tied with the family decreases. The idea is that love is tightly connected with sexual attraction, and the goal of growing up is seeking to eliminate any emotional family ties in order to be able to make conscious independent choices. Our company can write a custom essay on Desire for you! In Plato’s “Symposium” the totally another concept of love is presented. This is what Socrates was speaking with Diotema about: “What then is Love? I asked; Is he mortal? As in the former instance, he is neither mortal nor immortal, but in a mean between the two. What is he, Diotima? Plato differentiates between the world of Being and the world of Becoming. This data was done by Essay Freelance Writers!

The world of Being is the one of ideas and forms- transcendent, absolute and independent, and the world of Becoming is that of movement and changes. Understanding of these two worlds is essential in understanding Plato’s idea of love. Plato considers love to be the powerful and mysterious medium of arriving to the Highest Good, which is intuitive state of consciousness. It is that human-beings should be looking for and it is said to be the ultimate goal. In the dialogue with Socrates, Diotema presents the conception of love in three parts. In learn more introduces the concept of the duality to differentiate between divine and mortal, and presents love as the informing spirit and the bridge between two worlds. She argues that love cannot be divine, as one cannot pursue something that he already possesses, and gods already have good things and beauty. Diotema says that love is a great achievement and has dual nature, as it springs from need and lack to plentitude of feelings.

In the second part of the dialogue, Diotema says that only pursuing of good by means of love can bring absolute happiness, the point when the needs and desires are completely satisfied. Diotema associates the idea of love with the process of creation through both body and soul. Love is a gateway to obtain immorality and the means of giving birth to beautiful things. And in the final part, Diotema associates love with Beauty and says that it is the only thing that makes life meaningful. Love is a human being’s helper, the bridge, the tool to identify hereditary connections, as well as the mean of getting from the world of Becoming to the world of Being. Love provides an opportunity to create, which is divine thing, and people are able to create new lives through physical connections, as well as music, poems and other works of art through spiritual one.

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